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Whether it’s the car of your dreams, or perhaps just your summer fling; if you’ve got a car in mind, we can help you find it. The luxury/exotic market is a very small world, and many times cars get sold before even being listed because of services like this. With our database of clients and dealers, sourcing your perfect car has never been easier.


If you know you’ve got a special vehicle to sell, or you know your car is in the best spec and/or condition money can buy, we would be happy to represent the vehicle and get you the money you deserve for it. We will work with you to ensure the small touches your car may need before listing it are completed before it hits the market. 


We are happy to provide and consult on the right purchase method to suit your needs. For more information on leasing or financing our vehicles, please do not hesitate to reach out, and we will help not only find the best rate available but also ensure you are purchasing it in the safest and smartest way.


When thinking about the protection of your car, Ceramic Pro truly provides the protection one desires. Use it to ensure a great shine, ease of cleaning and protection from debris and the harsh elements of our Canadian climate, while greatly extending the life of your special vehicle’s finish.